Rome Program

Program Costs

The estimated program fee for the Rome Program is $5350 (this includes the $250 application fee) PLUS UGA TUITION AND SOME UGA STUDENT FEES. You can determine how much tuition will be by using the tuition schedule available on the Bursar's Office website. UGA tuition and fees must be paid to Banking & Trust at UGA just as if the student were taking classes on campus.

Fee deadlines:

$250.00 check to the Classics in Rome Study Abroad Program due with application (will be cashed in February).

$2500.00 charged to your student account March 15

$2600.00 charged to your student account April 30

Hope Scholarship recipients may not have to pay full tuition, but there will be other fees depending on the current rules of the Hope. Some, but not all, fees are waived since classes are off-campus; please note that the Institutional Fee canNOT be waived. HOPE scholarship students need to notify the Financial Aid department of their intent to attend summer classes.

Students NOT enrolled in a Univ. System of Georgia school qualify for the SAME (IN-STATE) TUITION FEE plus a modest ($250) out-of-state surcharge, though they too will have to pay all UGA enrolled student fees that cannot be waived; students enrolled at any System school are classified as in-state for purposes of this program and pay no surcharge, regardless of place of residence. The program fee covers lodging, breakfast and light supper seven days a week while with the group, entrance fees for all group visits to sites, museums, and collections, chartered bus for airport transfer in Rome and day trips, transportation within the city (bus passes) for the majority of the days in Rome, and supplemental medical insurance. 

Not included are international airline travel to and from Rome, lunches, beverages in general, the cost of a passport, books required for the courses, laundry, and any excursions taken apart from the group (including your meals when away from the group). REMEMBER:  All students are responsible for arranging and paying for their own airline transportation; no group air travel will be arranged.