Rome Program


This is a Classics program, so the courses offered are aimed primarily at students with some background and/or interest in ancient studies.

All undergraduate participants enroll for a total of nine (9) semester hours credit (graduates enroll for six hours). Teaching at Hadrian's Villa

All students are enrolled in CLAS 4350 (Ancient Rome: Topography & Monuments), CLAS 4400 (Studies Abroad in Rome: The Art of Rome), and CLAS 4305 (Special Topics: The Classical Tradition of Rome) or IF DEMAND WARRANTS IT—for Latin majors and minors or those with prior experience in Latin—LATN 4405 (The Latin Tradition of Rome) may be substituted for CLAS 4305, by permission of the director.

All courses have the honors option available where appropriate; thus Honors Program students can receive up to nine hours of Honors credit through the program. Graduate enrollment, courses, and credit—when appropriate—must be arranged individually with Dr. Bianchelli.