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UGA Rome Program 2014

Tentative schedule (13/02/2014)

Mon 26           Morning: Arrival
                     Afternoon: Neighborhood stroll

Tues 27          Am: Orientation (include San Clemente)
PM: Orientation

Wed 28           AM: Orientation
PM: Myth-History of Rome from Circus Maximus area

Thursday 29  EXCURSION: Tarquinia and Cerveteri

Friday 30       AM: Etruscans and visit to the Villa Giulia Museum

Saturday 31   Weekend

Sunday 1        Weekend

M 2                  AM: Roman Republic, Forum & Palatine, visit 1
Festa della Republica: schedule adjustments may be necessary

Tu 3                AM: Roman Republic, Forum Boarium area and Tiber Island
PM: Roman Republic, Theater of Pompey and Largo Argentina

We 4               AM: End of the Republic, Forum of Julius Caesar
PM: Palazzo Massimo, visit 1

Th 5                AM: Augustan Rome (Ara Pacis and Mausoleum of Augustus)
PM: Augustan Rome (Forum of Augustus, Theater of Marcellus, Porticus of Octavia)

F 6                   AM: Classes at the Ercoli

Saturday 7     Weekend
Sunday 8        Weekend

M 9                  CAMPANIA EXCURSION: early morning departure from the Ercoli,
train from Roma Termini to Napoli Centrale followed by a bus
excursion to Herculaneum and Oplontis (Boscoreale if time permits). Overnight at the Hotel Villa dei Misteri, Pompeii

Tu 10              CAMPANIA EXCURSION: all day bus trip to Paestum, Greek colony and
Roman City south of the Amalfi Coast. Overnight at the
Hotel Villa dei Misteri, Pompeii

We 11                         CAMPANIA EXCURSION: Pompeii from early morning to mid
afternoon.  Return by bus to Napoli Centrale; train to Roma Termini.

Th 12              AM: Ercoli Lecture on the Julio-Claudians and Golden House
PM: Forum Romanum, visit 2, and Colosseum

F 13                AM: Imperial Fora and Imperial Fora Museum, Markets of Trajan

Saturday 14   Weekend
Sunday 15      Weekend

M 16               Hadrian’s Rome (Pantheon, Mausoleum, T. Venus & Roma)

Tu 17              EXCURSION: Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli & Temple of Hercules Victor (if open)

We 18             Antonine Rome (Column of Marcus Aurelius) & Capitoline Museum

Th 19              EXCURSION (no bus): Ostia

Friday 20                  Day Off: Long weekend    
Saturday 21
Sunday 22

M 23               Severan Rome: Arch of Severus and Baths of Caracalla

Tu 24              Late Imperial Rome: Arch of Gallienus & Baths of Diocletian & Arch of Constantine [Domus Romane under Palazzo Valentini here?]

We 25             AM: Optional trip to view a Papal Audience (Bianchelli)
PM: Late Antique Rome: SS Cosmas & Damiano, S. Maria in Trastevere and/or Domus Romane under Palazzo Valentini


Th 26              To Be Determined: Via Appia Antica walk

F 27                TBD: Ostia, revisited

Saturday 28   TBD: Museo della civiltá Romana, EUR
Sunday 29

M 30   Exams

Tu 1    Exams
We 2   ALL Departures from the Ercoli

Independent Fieldtrips:
Everyone must visit:
Vatican Museums

Everyone must choose two of the following to visit:
Palazzo Altemps
Montemartini Museum
Santa Costanza
Catacombs of San Callisto